On Tuesday, September 25, most digital currencies have been falling against the background of the transition of investors to wait-and-see tactics.

Materials CoinMarketCap, it follows that the cryptocurrency market capitalization total per day fell $15.5 billion and now is $of 207.6 billion Bitcoin fell more than 3%, to $6423.

Looking at the chart behavior of the coin, the decline continues and perhaps the subsidence of the cryptocurrency below $6400 in the near future. The current exchange rate of bitcoin can be found here.

The leader of the fall of the top 10 cryptocurrencies became a Ripple, depreciating by almost 13.7%, to $0,456. The air fell by 10.4% to $209,9, Bitcoin Cash and EOS slipped by 7.32% and 9.83%, to $434,96 and $5,18 respectively.

According to analysts, the decline rate of most altcoins is the result of a weakening of investor interest in these assets and transition to a wait-and-see tactics. This is due to the position of the American authorities.

Just on September 25 in the U.S. Congress began considering options of legalization of cryptocurrency trading. Congressional representatives to discuss the future of cryptocurrency market together with experts and businessmen. If there is a single agreed position regarding the development of the market, the demand for virtual currency investors will again begin to improve.