One of the largest investment companies in the world BlackRock formed a working group whose task is to find out what benefits you can get from joining the cryptocurrency market. It is reported by Financial News, citing its sources.

The team will include experts from different areas of the business including the famous strategist Terry Simpson (Terry Simpson). They will explore the cryptocurrency, as well as the infrastructure on which they work – the blockchain.

Experts also will analyze how competitors BlackRock active in the areas of cryptocurrency and how it can affect the company’s business. The working group will present its findings to senior management.

Press Secretary BlackRock, said that the company “monitors the blockchain technology for several years”, but from the reviews in relation to cryptocurrency refused.

The establishment of the working group marks a turning point for the company. Last year, the head of BlackRock , Larry Fink (Larry Fink) said that bitcoin surrounds speculative environment, and the only reason he is thriving is the anonymity. “It’s a tool that people use for money laundering”, – said Fink.

At that time the head of BlackRock also said that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies “very far” from being able to be seen as an opportunity for institutional investors. However, he added that none of the clients did not wish to invest in them.

BlackRock is not the first large company to change his attitude towards cryptocurrencies. So, last year, the head of JPMorgan Jamie Dimon (Jamie Dimon) called cryptocurrency “hoax”, and investments in them – stupidity. However, later the Bank began to explore prospects of using digital currencies.

While major Western economists such as Joseph Stiglitz, Nouriel Roubini , and Kenneth Rogoff, actively oppose the cryptocurrency.