One of the world’s largest investment companies, BlackRock formed a working group to study the cryptocurrency market. This writes the Financial News.

A team of experts from different areas of the business will have to analyze the information about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain, and then find out whether BlackRock to invest in bitcoin futures.

In addition, experts will examine the experience of competitors investment giant that has introduced cryptocurrency projects in your business, in order to assess their impact on BlackRock.

Note, the actions of the company’s management at odds with their earlier statements. For example, last year, the head of BlackRock, Larry Fink expressed a negative attitude towards the cryptocurrency, saying that the scammers are actively using them to launder money.

Then Larry Fink announced that BlackRock clients are not interested in investing in cryptocurrency assets.

Also in February, chief investment strategist at BlackRock, Richard Turnill said to work with cryptocurrencies should be only those who who are mentally prepared to completely lose your investment.

ForkLog previously reported that the U.S. financial holding company JPMorgan Chase & Co has created its own strategy in the field of cryptocurrencies, despite critical statements about bitcoin from the Bank’s Chairman Jamie Daimon.