According to the site Abacus Journal, citing unnamed insiders to the Chicago stock exchange (Cboe), the approval bitcoin ETF is inevitable. According to sources, VanEck, SolidX and the Cboe has resolved all controversial issues in the dialogue with the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), so that a positive decision of the regulator is only a matter of time.

The sources specify that their opinion is based on those discussions after the meeting, Commissioner SEC Elada Roizman with representatives of Cboe VanEck and SolidX held on 9 October. Roizman is the first representative of the American financial regulator, who publicly met with representatives of the three groups.

According to the journalists Abacus Journal, are based on information from the investment Manager @CryptoQF, representatives VanEck, SolidX and the Cboe reported on the decision of “problems” which, in the opinion of the SEC, impeded the approval of a bitcoin ETF.

First, they provided the Commissioner with evidence that already exists significant regulated derivatives market for bitcoin. Second, they noted that markets which are significant for the bitcoin ETF (Cboe, bitcoin futures platform OTC trading) are resolved. Thirdly, according to them, concerns about possible price manipulation is decreased due to approval of commodity ETPs. Fourth, the Cboe has released regulations that prevent potential manipulation of the stock, and aims to provide investors protection.

Roizman is one of the few representatives of the American regulators who are supportive of the cryptocurrency. In the same breath with him is Esther pierce. It is expected that in December the Commissioner Kara Stein, who in the past voted against bitcoin ETF, will leave his post. According to rumors, it will be replaced by the representative of the Democratic party Allison Lee. Journalists believe that in the interval between the departure of Stein and purpose the Commission may approve the bitcoin ETF.

Noting that VanEck took care of the protection of investors, the publication says that its sources in the Cboe considering the approval of bitcoin ETF as inevitable. The same sources strongly believe that the SEC will approve the first bitcoin-ETF from VanEck.