Multiple the growth rate of the cryptocurrency in 2017 has created an incredible hype around bitcoin and other digital coins and tokens. This has created a massive demand for information from those who have only learned about decentralized Finance and really wanted to capitalize on the growth of their favorite coins.

So, less than a year, thematic sites, forums, chats and YouTube channels filled with a variety of experts and forecasters, both professional and self-proclaimed, with varying degrees of success forecasts.

In this situation, we just couldn’t stay away. Inspired by famous octopus Paul who predicted the outcome of Germany’s matches in the world Cup 2010 in South Africa, we decided to nominate expert for predictions on the direction of the exchange rate of bitcoin, and we are confident that he will know exactly where the price will go to the main crypto-currencies in the near future.

So, meet the Hamster an Insider, chief analyst, a unique predictor and a permanent resident of the office Coinspot.

We present you the pilot episode of Hamster Insider, where he predicts the market direction for the next 10 days. The insider runs through cryptolepine and at the end of the road chooses one of the doors green or red, symbolizing respectively the rise or fall of bitcoin exchange rate.

The first forecast of the Insider is given for the period from 18 to 28 June, and the prediction will be considered correct if on 28 June, the rate will be correspondingly higher or lower current values.

New insides should appear every 10 days. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, we are preparing many interesting things.