Indian cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay under pressure from the country’s Central Bank was forced to find a new home abroad, and this refuge was Malta.

In the press center of Zebpay to announce the opening of the “island block” new office trading platform will focus on the European direction and soon will start service of cryptocurrency traders from 20 countries of the European Union.

As the site of the Ethereum World News, Zebpay started to look for alternate aerodrome (which will now be the primary) after the Reserve Bank of India, performing the functions of the financial regulator, began to put pressure on the cryptocurrency industry.

Restrictive measures by the Central Bank led to the fact that the Zebpay users are no longer able to Deposit funds onto the platform in the Indian national currency, and to carry out their conclusion.

On September 28 the administration of the crypto currency exchange has released the following statement:

We stop the auction. Over the next four days we will cancel all your orders and will credit the coins back in your wallet Zebpay. New orders will not be accepted. The wallets Zebpay will continue to operate normally.

Cryptocurrency exchange is serviced up to half of all bitcoin transactions in India. Users of the platform there were more than 5 million people and a mobile app Zebpay allows for operation with 20 digital currencies.