July 6, TechCrunch reported that the domain Crypto.com owned by Matt blaze in the past steadfastly refused to sell, yet gained a new owner in Monaco.

How much the buyer paid the blaze was not reported. Monaco is known for its token MCO and debit card Visa, secured cryptocurrency; after the domain purchase, the company changed its brand to Crypto.com.

Blaise, a prominent expert on cryptography, author and Professor, University of Pennsylvania, registered Crypto.com in 1993. Amid the boom of cryptocurrencies it began to besiege the potential buyers, but he has repeatedly said that site is not for sale. He also criticized the use of the term “crypto” as the abbreviated names of cryptocurrencies, noting that such an approach would “negatively affect both on cryptography and cryptocurrency”.

So why Blaise had sold the domain Monaco? The Professor refused to talk to the press. But the head of the Monaco Chris Marszalek said to TechCrunch:

If it was solely about money, then blaze would have sold the domain a long time ago.

As for the money, not so long ago, the sellers of domains, told reporters that Crypto.com “incredibly expensive”: it can cost $5-10 million For comparison: Eth.com was sold for $2 million.

From Monaco according to the standards of the crypto community is pretty strong positions, though last year she was criticized for promoting cards under the Visa brand before the advertising campaign was approved Visa. The scandal happened in November 2017.

Monaco was founded in Switzerland in 2016. Along with the release of cards and tokens it has launched an application (mobile wallet), as well as automated cryptocurrency investment system.

Note that on his website, the blaze continues to warn the visitors concerning investments in the cryptocurrency. He writes:

Many cryptocurrencies are fraudulent, and I strongly recommend to invest in them.