In the popular Chinese instant messenger and social network WeChat has blocked the official sales channel mining giant Bitmain – antminersale that was used to promote the products of the company among potential buyers, and dissemination of analytical information.

On the address associated with the channel, there was a message that the account got on the test administration WeChat due to user complaints, since the published materials associated with your business, without the corresponding license or explanations. At the same time, the official account of the company in this platform – antminer_official – continues to work.

In addition, in recent days, under the same pretext has been blocking accounts related to the analysis of the cryptocurrency market (Goldcoins) and blockchain startup Delphy, who is working on the analogue platform predictions Augur on the Ethereum blockchain. CoinDesk according to the confirmed information of the accounts that wrote about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and has been blocked for more than 30.

Recall that about three weeks ago, WeChat has blocked the accounts of the media, who write about cryptocurrency and the technology. The promotion of cryptocurrency in China has become more difficult to and offline: following the Beijing authorities recently banned in Beijing Chaoyang district events that may be associated with the promotion of cryptocurrency, such decision taken in the special economic zone Guangzhou.