The creators of the cryptocurrency Turcoin the Sadun Kaya (Sadun Kaya) and Satiroglu Muhammad (Muhammed Satıroğlu) arrested by law enforcement agencies of Turkey to court on suspicion of organizing a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme.

Appeared in 2017 cryptoprocta Turcoin attracted to advertising campaign many well-known Turkish individuals, and in October of the same year, gave few early investors with luxury cars. Two weeks ago, among the participants of the scheme started to panic due to non-payment by the operator of the project, the Istanbul Hipper company promised bonuses. The share of Kaya in Hipper was 51%, Satiroglu – 49%.

Kaya was charged with escaping from the country with 100 million TL raised from 10 thousand people. In June, he and Satiroglu detained, but the latter after a while released on bail. However, he said that was only an intermediary through which funds went to Cyprus company partner, and he did not take any coins and is ready to return them to the project participants, if the government unlocks its Bank account. 2 Jul both the organizer of the scheme was formally arrested pending trial.

Recall that in November last year, the Office of religious Affairs of Turkey (Diyanet) stated that bitcoin does not fit the image of Islam, and warned the country’s citizens from the purchase of the cryptocurrency. In February of this year, the ruling Party of justice and development of Turkey (AKP) and national movement Party (MHP) offered to release the country’s “national bitcoin” — Turkcoin.