Edition of the Wall Street Journal has compiled a list of the 25 tech companies that need to pay attention to 2018. It includes specializing in cybersecurity, and developments in the field of artificial intelligence firms, as well as five blockchain-companies.

On the second place ranking WSJ was Blockstreamwas founded in 2014 Adam back, Gregory Maxwell, and Peter Vella.

Now the state Blockstream is 50 people. The company develops various solutions for the bitcoin network, as well as in conjunction with one of the largest financial corporations in the world, the Intercontinental Exchange is working on a system of quotations of the leading cryptocurrencies for a professional trader.

Blockchain-a consortium of R3, founded in 2015, was awarded sixth place.

It is worth noting that last week a number of media spread information that the R3 end funds, and investors do not show interest to the consortium. It was also reported that the leadership of the organization ineffectively spends money investors, which could cause financial problems. Representatives of the consortium rumors denied.

In eleventh place was the new York Digital Asset Holdings LLC, which is developing a blockchain solution to speed up transactions between financial institutions.

In addition, Digital Asset works closely with the Australian stock exchange (ASX), which has transferred clearing and settlement of transactions on the blockchain.

Brave Software Inc. from San Francisco occupies the twelfth place ranking. In the past, the company has developed a browser for viewing the advertisement provided for payment in bitcoins. Then, the organization had one of the fastest of tomenselo in history, having sold all the Basic token Attention Token (BAT) in just 30 seconds, collecting $35 million.

California Abra-Plutus Financial Inc. is a developer of mobile apps for investing in Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Abra supports 25 digital assets. In the ranking of the WSJ, the company has taken the thirteenth place.

We will remind, in February, Forbes magazine published the new ranking of the 50 best FINTECH companies, services, which, according to the editorial, are the way of the future of financial services.