According to Coin ATM Radar, today in worldwide installed 4167 cryptomate. Released 42 of the manufacturer, and work in 75 countries support 524 of the operator. While the average growth rate in the number of new running cryptomate is 4.9 ATM per day.

Most crypto-ATM located in United States (2499) – 56%, Canada (705), Austria (267) and the UK (214). It is also known that in Russia they established in 48 locations, and in Ukraine – 10. Less penetration of the technology is in Africa, which accounts for 0.2% of the total number of equipment. However, the resource is completely missing information about India.

4167 cryptomate (99,9%) work with bitcoins, and 4162 (64.6 per cent) also support altcoins: mostly Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. The milestone of 3000 installed bitcoin ATM was overcome in may 2018.

Among the manufacturers of crypto ATM the most popular Genesis Coin (1331), General Bytes (1239), Lamassu (434), BitAccess (239), Coinsource (190) and Coinvault (112).

Recall that due to difficulties with regulators in other countries, Lamassu recently decided to move the office in Switzerland, as the company considers it more open to innovations and has a well-developed regulatory framework. And at the end of last year the Russian company “Nanobit” and “the System of currency exchange and Analytics” (OWL.Of the Russian Federation) announced the launch of the Internet resource c information about the exchange of cryptocurrency: service allows the user to find the nearest office or cryptomath to buy/sell cryptocurrencies and to obtain accurate data about them.