At the airport in Los Angeles on charges of organizing an international Ponzi scheme OneCoin, fraud, securities boom Sagami and laundering of funds obtained by illegal means, was arrested her head Konstantin Ignatov (Konstantin Ignatov). However, his older sister ruja Ignatova (Ruja Ignatova), which in 2014 in the Bulgarian Sofia was a registered company OneCoin Ltd, remains at large.

Konstantin headed OneCoin the end of 2017. From the activities of his brother, sister and their assistants around the world affected about 3 million people. According to the investigation, from the fourth quarter of 2014 to third quarter 2016, they attracted to their project €3,353 billion, earning €2,232 billion.

Recall that the search of the organizers of cryptoperthite engaged law enforcement agencies in many countries. Last spring, in China’s case OneCoin prosecuted 98 people. And earlier in the Italian Antimonopoly service had transferred €2,59 million as a penalty from a group of companies that are engaged in the promotion of OneCoin.