Service U.S. marshals (USMS) is considering the feasibility of establishing the position of the agent who will be responsible for management of the confiscated bitcoins and other cryptocurrency. Cointelegraph writes about this with reference to last week’s public documents.

The documents are part of the Request to receive information regarding the procedural rules for management and sale of seized scriptaction.

A key element of the Program of asset forfeiture for the U.S. Department of justice, which includes USMS, is the position of agent or contractor, who will undertake the management and sale of confiscated or seized cryptocurrency. The Agency hopes this will enable it to improve existing practices for storing such assets.

Thus, in the first USMS document describes a full range of services for managing and selling seized cryptocurrency, including common procedures and the responsibility of the contractor. In particular, he must ensure the accuracy and security of transactions, including direct exchange cryptocurrencies for US dollars, exchange for more liquid cryptocurrency and the return of assets to the owner.

The agreement also describes other tasks of the contractor: financial statements, work with clients, compliance audit, management of a fork of the block chain, creating wallets, etc.

In a second paper devoted to monitoring the quality of work, USMS is the performance of the contractor.

According to the Agency, the documents published for the sole purpose of information and planning and are not a request for bids or promise to make such a request in the future.

Recall that in recent years, the USMS conducts regular auctions, which sells bitcoins previously seized by law enforcement. So, in October 2018, the Agency announced the auction, which was planned to sell 660 bitcoin (at the time around $4.3 million).

Two previous major auction of confiscated bitcoins took place in USA in January and March of this year. In the first case, 3813 BTC was sold in the second – 2170 BTC.