The United States government Agency active in fighting the illegal cryptocurrency offers. This week, three projects received orders to cease activities. They all worked in North Dakota, where the activities of cryptocurrency companies are closely watching the local Department of securities.

Crystal Token

At first glance, the Crystal Token has positioned itself as offer a service token associated with gambling. ICO company was completed in June 2018. Officials in North Dakota have become concerned about the trading aspect of the company, which is based on artificial intelligence.

Officials called the project an “unauthorized and unlicensed cryptobytes offering fraudulent products.” The explanation is very lengthy, although the “guaranteed income of 2% 24 hours” is really suspicious.

The company website remains in operation, and it is interesting to know how the story ends.

Advertiza Holdings

The business model of the company Advertiza Holdings reminiscent of what offers Crystal Token. Although the projects have nothing in common with each other, both companies promise “a daily passive income”.

Officials of North Dakota are concerned about the promise of the company “to allow investors to profit from the profits of the company.” In other words, the token project can be more valuable paper than the service token and the instruction about the termination of activity in this case seems to be justified.

Life Cross Coin

This is another project that is of great concern. According to some sources, he is working on a platform which in the past has been used for fraudulent purposes. It might be coincidence, but the regulators chose to exercise vigilance.

Life Cross Coin promises to investors with relatively high profits, which indicates an unrealistic business model. Now the team will have to explain to the officials of the Department of securities.