A British company, 50 Cycles, retailer and distributor of electric bikes, decided to celebrate its 15th anniversary with the release of “miner of the cryptocurrencies with a pedal” Toba, which generates cryptocurrency LoyalCoin while riding.

According to the founder and head of 50cycles Scott Snata (Scott Snaith), Toba unique not only because it is the first cryptologia in the world, but the fact that this is the first licenzirovanie product which he rewards for its use.

To control the process, the users can using a special mobile application. It is expected that covered the distance in 1 mile they will be able to mine crypto-currency by 20 pounds. Then it can be converted to other cryptocurrencies or use for calculations on the 50cycles website and on other sites.

Delivery of the first batch of cryptological scheduled for September of this year.

Recall that in the Netherlands, researcher and artist Manuel Beltran (Manuel Beltrán) with a team of developers from project Institute of Human Obsolescence has developed a suit that uses thermal radiation of the human body for mining cryptocurrency.