Member of the U.S. house of representatives Tom Emmer (Tom Emmer) announced that it will propose to the Congress three bills relating to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies: “a Resolution in support of digital currencies and blockchain technology,“ “Law on the legal certainty of the regulation of the blockchain” and “Act safe Harbor for taxpayers with assets held fork“.

Emmer believes that taxpayers can fulfill the requirements of the law, when it is transparent and clear, and hoped that at the Federal level will introduce a “simple legal environment”, as well as to limit fines for persons who declare their assets subjected to the fork, before the implementation of the Service of internal incomes of the USA (IRS) rules regarding reporting.

Recall that this week, U.S. legislators asked the IRS to develop a comprehensive guide on the taxation of the cryptocurrency. According to them, the Agency too keen on disciplinary action against the taxpayers, however, still failed to provide an understandable document upon which they could rely.

In July IRS announced the creation of the international organization for fight against financial and tax crimes, including those relating to cryptocurrencies. And the US Secret service has previously drawn the attention of Congress on anonymous cryptocurrencies by making a request to assess a potential legislative measures against cryptocurrency, providing increased privacy.