A group of senators insisted on the adoption of stricter sanctions against the national cryptocurrency of Venezuela Petro (PTR) and distributing them to any similar products of the Latin American countries.

The bill promoted by the representatives of both parties represented in the Senate. A support group of the document includes such influential senators like Robert Menendez (Robert Menendez), Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) and Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz).

The bill, dubbed the “Law on humanitarian assistance, restoring rule of law in Venezuela from 2018”, covers a number of areas associated with the Bolivarian Republic.

In particular, a separate section of the document came in signed in March a decree of the President of the United States Donald trump (Donald Trump), which imposed sanctions against Petro.

The Senate bill develops and enhances the provisions of the presidential decree forbidding U.S. citizens to provide funding and software “to handle any digital currency, coins or tokens that have been issued to or on behalf of the government of Venezuela”.

Immediately after the launch in February of Petro provided by oil, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolás Maduro) has announced the imminent appearance of another national cryptocurrency — Petro Oro, with the support of gold. Two months later he again announced that Petro Oro will be activated “in the coming days,” but to date this has not happened.

In Venezuela said that in the PTR funded the establishment of youth cryptocurrency Bank and the construction of social housing. From August 20 in Venezuela issued denominated sovereign Bolivar, Maduro said, is tied to Petro. In addition, the national cryptocurrency tied a new system of prices and wages, and later the President of Venezuela announced the application of PTR in international settlements from 1 October. While Reuters journalists investigated and found out that Petro unsecured and does not actually exist.