In the complete set of tools for working with cryptocurrencies Opera browser new is coming soon in the new version, your browser Android users will have at their disposal the crypto for Ethereum, a token based on it and collectibles on the block chain.

Now the owners of “custom” digital assets are often forced to suffer with the cumbersome and inconvenient to use extensions or to carry out transactions using several wallets.

The latest version of the browser for Android will get built-in integration option with the “essential” API Web3 . Thus, for the first time in the history of the major browser will offer a wide range of users access to Web 3.0. Because of this, it may be the environment in which will be fully available decentralized apps based on Ethereum (DApp).

The new version also uses a built-in protective system Android, which will allow to sign the cryptocurrency transactions directly from your browser.

Although Web 3.0 and attracts Entuziastov, it still discourages users inconvenient interfaces and security issues. Its actual state is contrary to the level of marketing hype, inflated decentralized platforms “next generation”. Time will tell whether the new cryptocurrency wallet Opera become the source of inspiration for the creators of more reliable and easy to use dpov.

The company Opera Software has started to distribute a beta version of a browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet July 11 among those who want to test. It is expected that soon a new tool will become available to everyone.

Opera for quite a long time strived to make a “new Internet” domain of the masses. This year, the company has improved its desktop browser, providing protection against 50 types of cryptogamia, and updated built-in currency Converter supporting multiple major cryptocurrencies.

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