The Minister of energy of the Moscow region Leonid Neganov during the “Russian energy week” said that one of the companies in the region, ready to test the calculations on electricity consumption on the basis of the blockchain technology. According to the official, positive test results can be “future-proofed” and to lead to the implementation of such practices throughout the suburbs.

“We want to understand whether this popular technology like the blockchain be used in the system of payments of electrical energy. In the framework of grant programme of the Ministry of investments and innovations (Moscow region) was given support to one of the suburban companies practicing accounting system based on the blockchain”, – he explained.

Neganov also said that to assess the results of the project will be through the year, and the introduction of technology in the broader context should be phased so as not to provoke the crash in the network.

“Any technology that is tested, must not be in conflict with the existing control system, which now works reliably,” said the Minister.

We will remind that this winter, homeowners in the secondary market of Moscow began to offer the ability to purchase real estate with bitcoin. And about a hundred farmers and small farms located around Kalinovo, in the Moscow region, has decided to use for calculations in local trade cryptocurrency Colin instead of the ruble.