The Japanese company GMO Internet Group has developed a mobile app that allows you to earn bitcoins just by playing the game.

May 31, GMO announced that a new app called CryptoChips will be integrated with the game Whimsical War (territorial war in real time), developed by the company.

Playing it on iOS or Android since August of this year, users will be able to get bitcoins depending on your rating and achievements.

Players will receive their bonus directly from the company, and they will not need to use a special device for mining cryptocurrency. In December 2017, GMO launched production capacity for mining, and also announced that in August will begin working with the service cloud of mining.

GMO said about his desire to “encourage the public to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies through a new application”: users will have to have digital wallets for receiving and then using bitcoins.

In the future, the company may include in CryptoChips support for more altcoins, and you can also integrate this app with other mobile games.

News about the mobile app came just a week after the GMO has announced the launch of the world’s first 7nm chips for bitcoin mining. Their production will begin at the end of October 2018.