Specializing in software development in the field of infobezopasnosti and information protection company Symantec has revealed in the official app store of Microsoft eight free products for Windows 10, which via Google Tag Manager was implemented in the script Crypta.js for covert mining Monero (XMR). Employees Symantec is considered the first case of the emergence of the application platform for cryptogamia and reported the find to the company, after which they were removed from the platform and from Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager

Symantec has also determined that all the applications work on Windows 10 and Windows 10’s Mode, was developed and published in the period from April to December 2018 one person or team – DigiDream, 1clean and Findoo – from 1900 reviews entered the top-rating products Microsoft Store as “tutorial on optimizing your computer and charger, Internet search, web browsers, watch and download video”. Users can find security policy in the application work, but it was not a word about mining cryptocurrencies.

Be sure to double-check the permissions requested by apps. New research on #cryptojacking apps, is live on our blog. Get the details here.

— Symantec (@symantec) February 15, 2019

Recall that in early January, the researchers Sergio Pastrana (Sergio Pastrana), Complutense University of Madrid name of Charles III and Guillermo Suarez-Tangil (Guillermo Suarez-Tangil) from London’s kings College concluded that cryptogamie mined to 4.32% of the outstanding Monero (XMR). Cryptocurrency is the most popular cryptogamia ahead of bitcoin.