Financial controller Belgium, the management of the financial services and markets (FSMA), added 8 new companies to a web page with a warning about cryptocurrency fraud.

The total number of titles listed under the heading “Cryptocurrency trading platform: beware of fraud!”, has reached 50. A list began to form in may.

As noted by FSMA, one of his duties is to issue warnings about objects that are engaged in financial fraud and/or operate in the country without a license. Earlier in this list of the regulator were mainly attended by companies involved in dubious operations with binary options, unregistered securities and other well-known schemes of financial fraud.

Recently, list update controller regularly contain the names of cryptocurrency trading platforms, whose customers complained that they can not recover the money invested. Here are some typical examples of customer complaints from the last update list:

“I got in touch with the group through the XXX is on Facebook, where I had left my contact information. After that employee called me and explained their methods of work … Then he said that at the moment there are a lot of deals, and he can double my investment if I will invest as soon as possible. I succumbed to temptation and put the money (…) Then, the officer became increasingly evasive, and it has become difficult to contact by phone. The last time he told me that my file will be closed and I will return the money. (…) But today I got nothing”.

“I invested through the platform (XXX), which supposedly has a license. When I asked for my money back, they promised me that it will be done on a certain date. However, I still received nothing, and they completely shut down access.”

FSMA noted that virtually all recent cases, investors failed to return the money, and they don’t know anything about the company, which was entrusted funds.

Therefore, the regulator gave investors the recommendation to “exercise maximum caution” and carefully identify the company. If it fails, the firm should not be trusted.

We will remind that earlier the regulators of Belgium have created a website to counter the cryptocurrency fraud. It informs potential captainvalor about the tricks that scammers use to get money.