The Finance Committee of the French National Assembly published a report on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, on which work was carried on for about a year.

The report’s authors, led by Board President Eric Vertom (Éric Woerth) in the introduction have indicated that they support the blockchain technology because it offers a great innovation.

However, they warned against cryptocurrencies that provide complete anonymity for users. In fact, they proposed to ban scriptactive for intentional “prevent any possibility of identification of their owners”. As an example, the authors of the report called Monero, PIVX, DeepOnion and zcash for.

They also drew attention to the illegal practices, which can be used cryptocurrency. According to the report, “we need to know about the problems that can cause scriptactive from the point of view of fraud or evasion of taxes, money laundering or consumption of energy.” They have also called for the development of national and international rules that foster transparency and security of scriptaction.

Recall that with cryptocurrencies, supporting increased privacy, informed began to struggle financial regulator of Japan. Law enforcement officers the United States also intend to overcome the anonymity of such scriptaction. In the Netherlands and Taiwan were taken to, in principle, to stop anonymous transactions.