According to the rating platform ICObench the initial offering of coins (ICO) in the first half of January had raised about $160 million.

Completed by January 15, ICO was able to collect about 33% of the total amount raised by the placement of tokens in the previous month. While the January half the amount provided by one project, the report says ICObench.

Total maximum stated amount of projects the ICO in January is more than 4 billion According to the rating platform, only three of the five largest projects this month have reached or almost reached the stated limit.

ICObench also stressed in the report that the number held by the ICO in January continued to decline, demonstrating that this form of attracting investment is losing popularity.

In the first half of January, the number of raised funds was in the lead in Canada (1 project at $80 million) by the total number conducted by ICO USA (8 projects).

Data for leading projects and participating countries of the ICO in the first half of January. Source: ICObench.

Recall, published at the end of the year a study by The Wall Street Journal showed that hundreds of cryptocurrency projects are not unique and deceived investors, promising unrealistic profits. And according BitMEX Research and TokenAnalyst total reserves of the ICO projects fell to $5 billion, although the peak value reached $80 billion.