From 2019, the international organization in the field of training of financial analysts CFA Institute will add to exam questions about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain. About it writes Bloomberg.

Materials to prepare for questions will be included with other topics in the field of Finance, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and automated trading. View the list of questions will be from Aug.

“We see that the cryptocurrency industry is developing faster than other sectors. We believe that this is not a temporary phenomenon and not a passing fancy”, — said managing Director for educational programs of CFA Institute’s Stephen Horan.

According to him, over time, the course is supplemented by more in-depth questions, particularly about the intersection of cryptocurrency with the current economy.

Note to obtain a certificate as a chartered financial analyst CFA, the candidate must successfully pass exams in three levels. Questions about cryptocurrency and the blockchain will be in exams for students of first and second levels. In June for exams CFA registered more than 227 thousand people from 91 countries.

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