On 7 September in Vienna will host a meeting of economy Ministers of member countries of the European Union (EU), where officials will discuss the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and regulate the industry.

The European Union may move to regulate crypto. What we know ➡ it’s amazing https://t.co/Eyd2zNYvKC

— Bloomberg Crypto (@crypto) 29 Aug 2018

It is reported that the main topics at the summit will be a lack of transparency and the ability to use digital assets for criminal purposes, including money laundering, tax evasion and the financing of terrorism. The Ministers will discuss a possible tightening of rules to prevent such use of the cryptocurrency.

We will remind that earlier the European Parliament approved a package of new measures to combat money laundering in the EU, including officials intend to strengthen the control over bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

To prevent the anonymity of cryptocurrency exchange platform, virtual wallets and banking institutions are required to verify the identity of customers and the origin of funds.

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