During the day within the program to find bugs HackerOne in cryptocurrency Monero has found several vulnerabilities. Writes TheNextWeb, one of them allows attackers to withdraw from cryptocurrency exchanges with amounts much higher than the original Deposit.

Manipulation of the amount was by adding a line of open-source code from Monero wallet.

“The staff exchange is seen increase the amount of XMR in your wallet and it simplified the holding of dubious transactions”, — notes the edition.

This bug has spread to other cryptocurrencies that use the Monero codebase. So, the hackers managed to withdraw coins ARQ – hard forks Monero – wallet exchange Altex.

Among the other outdoor bugs are the vector for the implementation of DoS attacks with the aim of creating overload in the Monero blockchain and the vulnerability of the GBR to be able to display them out of order with the script.

At the time of publication of the material all vulnerabilities were fixed by the development team Monero.

We will remind, in may, the social network users reported problems with the implementation of the transaction in the blockchain Monero and synchronization nodes. However, the developers of cryptocurrency then have not confirmed the attack on the network.