The Agency for combating money laundering Thailand propose to pass a law that gives law enforcement the right to confiscate the cryptocurrency the criminals. To this end, the Agency proposes to create a departmental cryptocurrency wallet to store digital assets confiscated from the scammers.

As marks the Internet-the newspaper the Nation, the Agency for combating money laundering submitted its proposal during the seminar in Bangkok, during which the Thai authorities and UN officials have considered the options for solving the problem of crypto-currency fraud.

Currently, law enforcement agencies do not have the right to freeze cryptocurrency accounts or to withdraw in favor of the state of digital assets scams. In the end, most criminals, even while in prison, continue to manage your digital accounts. Note that in Thailand legalized transactions with cryptocurrencies, and what are criptoportico.

Law enforcement agencies have repeatedly pointed out that criminals attract funds of investors to create fake projects, promising high returns. As a result, in most cases, investors lose their money.