Thai police announced the arrest of Pringy of Dravidia (Prinya Jaravijit), the main suspect in the fraud with bitcoins. Presumably, the attackers managed to lure the Finnish investor about 800 million Thai baht (almost $25 million).

According to the newspaper Bangkok Post, Darvicet arrested on 12 October after returning from Thailand to USA. While it was in the States, his brother was arrested on suspicion of fraud in the cryptocurrency. The police demanded from Prini until mid-September to go to the authorities, threatening in case of refusal of the extradition procedure. After authorities revoked his passport, the man decided to return home where he is accused of criminal conspiracy and money laundering.

The consequence considers that Prinia and his accomplices deceived the Finnish investor AARNI Aftermath Saurimo, giving tens of millions of dollars. They convinced Karimu and his business partner to invest in bitcoins in the Dragon Coin and three other companies.

Invested funds, apparently, were simply stolen. Police have a suspect in this crime, Print, his older brother and their parents.

With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in Thailand in the country, cases of crimes similar to the one described above.

The main suspect, Prinia, Djeravica in the center