The Council for the securities of the state of Texas (TSSB) issued orders prohibiting the continuation of the activities of the two crypto schemes, the organizers of which offered kriptosistem unregistered securities, as well as introduced potential customers astray.

One the prohibition applies to Forex EA & Bitcoin Investment LLC and two related individuals: James butcher (James Butcher) and Richard Dunn (Richard Dunn), who not only did business with unlicensed companies not providing full information about it, but also offered customers a tenfold return on investment in bitcoins within the 21 days.

The second ban on the continuation of the issued in respect of the scheme cloud mining cryptocurrency introduced by the British company Bitcoin Trading and Cloud Mining Limited (BTCRUSH), and four associated individuals. According to the TSSB, the organizers of the scheme offered investors a 4.1% daily profit from investing in mining program, regardless of the profitability of cryptocurrency. When investing in the amount of $10 thousand they were promised a year $149650.

Suspicion began after it was discovered three created from archival footage of the fake video describing the work of mining farms. For the credibility of the organizers of the scheme claimed that one of their mining centers, farm Hepaestus, works in a secret bomb shelter during the Second world war.

Recall that in mid-April TSSB in the result of a four-week investigation “in response to a sharp increase in the proposed residents of the state of investment opportunities in cryptocurrency”, found 32 illegal cryptocurrency scheme