In July, the Irish company to provide health care AID:Tech in cooperation with the German health organization PharmAccess registered in the blockchain of three children born in Tanzania. This writes Forbes.

The first baby, whose data were included in the distributed registry, born July 13. Two more newborns registered in the blockchain, was born July 19.

Volunteer project AID from:Tech and PharmAccess aimed at providing medical assistance for pregnant women in Africa. They assign a digital ID, which provides the right to the essential vitamins and monitors the status of pregnancy until birth. All data is stored in the blockchain.

According to representatives of AID:Tech, blockchain system reduces the risk of fraud, and digital ID enables suppliers of humanitarian aid to check the information about the person, including his photograph, before providing assistance.

ForkLog previously reported that the California software developer Santiago Siri had a successful experiment with the technology of the blockchain notary reassuring in digital form birth certificate of his daughter.