The reserve Bank of Sweden (Riksbank) has warned that individuals and companies claiming to be selling e-e of the national currency-krona, are scams.

As stressed by the Central Bank in a statement, the digital currency launched in 2017, is still ongoing and the decision on the issue of the “electronic crown” is still pending.

“However, on some web sites and social networks have made statements about the possibility of purchasing electronic crowns. With the Riksbank had also contacted individuals who shared how they called the company, claiming that they sell the electronic crown on behalf of the Central Bank”, — reads the statement of the regulator.

In this regard, the Riksbank urged the citizens and residents of the country contact the Central Bank if they will offer to buy an electronic crown.

Project e-krona Swedish Riksbank, along with the e-peso Central Bank of Uruguay, as the most advanced in creating the digital currency of the Central Bank (CBDC) General purpose separately analyzed in the report of a recently conducted survey of experts of the Bank for international statements (BIS). According to the findings, 70% of CBDC Central banks is studying, but 85% believe that in the short term to expect their appearance is not necessary.