In South Africa in the Mpumalanga province was kidnapped demanded a 13-year-old Angola, Marite (Marite Katlego) redemption at the rate of 15 bitcoins. According to local police, on a Sunday afternoon, when the boy was playing with friends near his home, staying close to the Toyota Corolla Golden color, three people got out and forcibly took the boy with him. Friends of Angola immediately reported the incident to his mother, and she called the police.

Left at the scene, the message to parents of the victim, the attackers have said it will not negotiate for ransom and only payment of the specified sum will ensure the freedom and safety of the child. Otherwise the kidnappers threatened to kill the hostage. They were also threatened with violence for raising the matter to the police.

Kidnappers on the proposed scheme, the first part of the ransom in the amount of 1 bitcoin they should have been translated to 21 may, and the full amount until may 27. According to police, the boy’s parents do not know what bitcoins are, and it’s hard going through a traumatic event.

Recall that the abducted 26 Dec unknown in Kiev, and a few days later released the head of the crypto currency exchange EXMO Paul Lerner was forced to pay for his release 160 bitcoins.