Venture company, Golden Gate Ventures has announced plans to open in Singapore first in Southeast Asia cryptocurrency venture Fund Ventures LuneX 10 million of assets. Under the leadership of former Director of development Golden Gate Kenrich of Drijkoningen (Kenrick Drijkoningen) the Fund will invest in blockchain projects from around the world in the early stages of their formation to support the growth of a new cryptocurrency ecosystem. Among these startups can be cryptocurrency exchanges, service providers security and storage of assets, as well as companies that serve as intermediaries for institutional services.

Drijkoningen believes that, when evaluating companies reached an acceptable level, and the industry is moving from pioneers to early followers, it’s time to invest new projects, to get the result in the long term. New venture company, according to him, ready to support those who raise the blockchain technology to a new level.

Recall that in late June, a Chinese venture Capital company Node announced the launch of a branch in the United States with a Fund of 200 thousand Ethereum (about $87 million) for investments in blockchain startups.