International nonprofit organization Mile Unity Foundation announced the creation of an extensive network of embassies to promote knowledge about the industry of digital assets.

According to global Ambassador Mile Unity Foundation of Yuri Gougnina, the main task of the embassies — training of civil servants, financial institutions, entrepreneurs and developers use scriptaction in the real economy.

“In the framework of the regular round tables, corporations and States to formulate problems that can be solved by using blockchain technology. Then, to solve these problems going to a hackathon, where teams from all over the world can Express themselves, and if successful, a task to start cooperation with major clients,” he said.

According to representatives of the organizations, their project will bring the stock market out of the shadows, to make blockchain technology accessible to a large number of people and apply them in the real economy for trade, credit, remittances and investment.

One of the useful technologies on the basis of which to create projects in the embassies, the algorithm is decentralized stablon XDR.

“At the end of 2017, we met with a Lotus Mail — a kind of collective image of the virtual anonymous community of cryptographers from different countries. She suggested that the decision to create a new, decentralized IMF 2.0, in which every country may issue global stabilini open algorithm”, — said Yury Gugnin.

He also added that the XDR, like bitcoin, neither the author nor the owner nor the ICO, a single Issuer, and this makes it truly free tool for storing and transmission of values

The first Embassy was opened on 7 September in Seoul (South Korea), the following will appear in India, China, Japan, USA, Switzerland and VR spaces.

We will remind, in August, one of the largest by trade volume cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the launch of an open education platform, the Academy Binance, which is designed to help users expand their knowledge in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

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