IT is the developer of ICONIC and one of the largest freight forwarders agent network in 14 Russian ports JSC “Infotech Baltika” introduced blockchain-service system of courts “Edge. Port”.

DLT-decision takes the document of the vessel to the port in electronic form and forms a single information field. With minimal use of paper versions of the documents in it were recorded the facts, time and volume of services. Ordering and further tracking services, such as call pilot, tug or the vessel, are produced through a digital interface.

As noted, the blockchain system can significantly reduce the burden on the parties involved in the maintenance of ships in the port and reduce the number of controversial issues. For example, while working the port agents was reduced from 4 hours to 25 minutes, the treatment vessel is held for 20-60 minutes faster. The result of the distributed registry port capacity increases by 3-5%.

“We are delighted that such a major player in the shipping market, as the group of companies “InfoTEK” was the first on the market, who used similar technology to simplify the processes associated with sodastream in the port. Expect a trial implementation of the system “Edge. Port” will grow into a long-term and fruitful cooperation and will be the reason for the innovative restructuring in many ports of Russia and abroad”, — said the Chairman of the Board of Directors ICONIC Elena Titova.

Earlier, the Spanish port of Valencia introduced the concept of “smart port without papers” based on blockchain technology, which aims to optimize the use of resources, reduce time and costs for cargo handling and maintenance.