The creators of the cryptocurrency Bablos are the producers of the film “Empire V”, the film adaptation of the novel by Victor Pelevin.

By using a running ICO, the creators expect to attract more than 200 million rubles to complete the filming of the picture.

In the framework of the ICO was released Bablos 2 million, of which 1.7 million was received in the public, said representatives of the film. Buy Bablos on the ICO website.

“Against the background of the huge number of proposals of the super-profits from cryptocurrency projects that may never take place or is designed for speculative effect, we offer the market something that can already “touch”: removed over 70% of the material, we were supported by the cinema Fund, the film expressed interest in leading kinetictheory,” — said the producer of “Empire V” Maria Kapralova.

Payments to holders of tokens Bablos after the release of the film will occur in proportion to the number of coins. It is claimed that they will make up 40% of the total profit of the film and will continue up to three years through the sale of DVDs and screenings of the film on TV.

In addition to the profits from the rental, the holders of Bablos can exchange bitcoin to other Fiat money, to use in a closed online premiere of “Empire V” or to save for participation in the following projects of the film “the Square” (already bought the rights to the film adaptation of novels of Pelevin’s S. N. U. F. F., iPhuck Batman and Apollo 10).

The release of “Empire V” is scheduled for 2019.

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