The Russian authorities may start stablon that will have collateral in the form of piatogo of the ruble.

About it journalists were told by Anatoly Aksakov, who heads the state Duma Committee on financial market. He stressed that the cryptocurrency needs to have at least some support, and only in this case it will attract investors, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

This asset can be the ruble, which will support the token and ensure its steady course.

Aksakov said:

I’m sure the cryptocurrency could be, but she will have support. For example, in some Bank to be placed a certain sum of money as Deposit. The Bank will be able to produce a certain amount of cryptocurrencies using to provide this Deposit. The Issuer of the coins should be a Central Bank as it controls the Fiat currency, and the ratio of crypto-currencies and the ruble will be one to one.

All transactions with steilcoom possible to conclude on the blockchain-a platform to develop which is to run the token. This is a promising direction, and there is every reason to forecast that the Russian market of cryptocurrency-backed ruble might appear, he said.

In addition to the Russian authorities stablon can produce one of the largest domestic companies “Norilsk Nickel”. Its President, Vladimir Potanin promised to provide coin, non-ferrous metals, under the control of the metallurgical giant.