The canadian company Heatmine testing solution that allows you to use the allocated mining installations heat for heating, reducing the value of cryptocurrency mining.

As explained by managing Director Heatmine Jeremy Dahan (JeremyDahan), a company based in Quebec, where 10 months of the year is very cold. In Heatmine decided to use emitted during the mining of heat for heating, warming the water.

The company is experimenting with a decentralized network of mining machines that are used in various places in the region to connect to liquid heating systems of residential and industrial premises. When the device of the company start mining cryptocurrencies, they are redundant heat heat water for the heating system of the premises.

In one of the tests the installation Heatmine connected to a local greenhouse where strawberries are grown. Farmers almost impossible to make a profit, because much of the money goes to pay for heat and electricity, said Dahan. With the equipment cost of heat has been reduced by 75-100%, and strawberries from the greenhouse were able to compete with imported from Mexico. One plant produces Heatmine 75000 British thermal units (BTU) per hour, which allows to heat the room up to 300 sq. m.

The company plans to not only expand their business in qu├ębec and other canadian provinces, but also to expand activities in States with cheap power and cold climate.

We will remind that earlier the canadian company Myera Group in the province of Manitoba implemented the project of heating greenhouses and fish farms heat radiated plants for mining cryptocurrency. In the Russian Krasnoyarsk is planned to heat the heat radiated mining farm company BitBaza, houses in Divnogorsk. A French startup Qarnot began to sell heaters for home, which are mined cryptocurrency.