In Polish media there was information that the Ministry of Finance plans in law to waive the levying of taxes for the conduct of cryptocurrency transactions, as well as to study kriptonyte and initiate the appropriate “system solutions” for its regulation. It is expected that the draft law will be completed by June 15.

Recall that in early April the Ministry of Finance of Poland ordered the owners of crypto-currencies to specify the gains from trade or exchange of these assets in the tax returns and to pay income tax for transaction with them in size from 18 to 32% and 1% for the transfer of property rights. In response poles created a petition advocating the “liberation of the cryptocurrency market” and the abolition of such taxes, and collected more than 5,000 votes in its support.

Earlier this year it became known that the Polish accelerator for blockchain technology (PATB), working under the auspices of the Ministry of administration and digital technologies, is developing “digital zloty” (dPLN). Later it turned out that Poland’s Central Bank to help pay for the creation of commercials that cryptocurrencies are exposed in a negative light.