Head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexei Fursin has told that till the end of spring in the capital of the Russian Federation using blockchain technology will create an IT platform innovation cluster. It is expected that with its help, the participants will be able to get grants from the government of the city, finding potential partners, learn about their products and equipment.

At this stage, for this project we need to make it a technical specification, to form the budget and to hold a competition among potential contractors.

“We hold a contest, the budget is now defined. In the first place is now not a question of budget, and technical specifications, which must be formed. We base our IT platform is already on the resource that is in the city and showed its relevance – iMoscow. Now this platform will be further developed, we hope before the end of the spring is already start,” said the Fursin.

We will remind that recently the Russian Alfa-Bank and it company “Rents 24” has launched a service for calculations in the housing sector based on the blockchain platform R3 Corda. Previously working in 120 cities of Russia and CIS service delivery of food you Want to eat all the time realized the possibility of payment with cryptocurrency.