Developers of browser crypto MetaMask in its updated version adds a private browsing mode that will protect users from leaking information about the in their accounts addresses using dapps.

As reported in the blog project starting with version 4.18, the plugin that allows you to interact with all sites on the Ethereum blockchain, it will be possible to issue a permit or reject a request for information about Ethereum address. Now MetaMask by default adds a small JavaScript object (provider Ethereum) for each a user has visited a website, which among other things opens the owners of the web resources available in the blockchain information about the visitor.

Today we’re rolling out our new Privacy Mode! At first, it is opt-in, but early next week we plan to make this the new default!

— MetaMask (@metamask_io) November 6, 2018

To use private browsing mode, it is required first to activate. It is supposed to activate this mode for all users by default.

Recall that in September the developers of the plugin MetaMask added support for hardware wallets Ledger and blocked popular decentralized application 333ETH, acknowledging his Scam project. During the year, 18 permanent members of the project team together with more than 100 helpers from around the world submitted more than 46 versions of the extension has written more than 50 thousand lines of code and has closed over 1400 users.