Ukrainian project Satoshi Nakamoto Republic have developed a virtual monument to the anonymous Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. “Monument” will be installed on the site of the former Lenin monument in Kiev. The Grand opening will take place on 29 September at 13:00.

“This day will be significant in the history, the beginning of a new era of virtualization of modern cities. Offers contests, gifts, a food court,” say the organizers.

To see the installation you can use mobile apps to augmented reality.

A virtual monument in Kiev will be the first in the framework of global project of creation of Cities augmented reality under the auspices of Satoshi Nakamoto Republic.

The funds for the installation of a virtual monument in the capital of Ukraine transferred the initiator of the project Alexander Soroka.

Until the end of 2018, two virtual image Satoshi Nakamoto appears in the United States. The initiative joined the company Younk, the world’s first music blockchain platform. The co-founders of the company Pavel Elizarov Andrey Dakhovskii became the founders of the virtual landmarks in Los Angeles and Miami.

To participate in the opening ceremony in Kiev, you need to use the password: “do not tell Anyone who he is!”.

Location: intersection of Taras Shevchenko Boulevard and Khreschatyk street, in front of Bessarabska square.