January 22, in Kiev held an open lecture “the Blockchain Hub Academy | Dev Meetup #1”. The meeting was devoted to the history and the aims of the development of bitcoin and the blockchain.

This is the first of a series of events organized by Blockchain Association of Ukraine (UABIO), together with the Hub Unit and the Blockchain.city as part of the educational course the Blockchain HUB Academy.

Topics of the meeting were the background to the emergence of bitcoin white paper, and the early stages of its development, the key aspects of the philosophy of the cryptocurrency, the value of game theory, fundamental characteristics and applications of blockchain technology, as well as the emergence of new blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

The first speaker was the Vice-President of BAU Vitalyi Bulychev (Pandora Boxchain), who spoke about his vision of the ideological component of bitcoin and how these ideas have influenced the development and value of the first cryptocurrency to society:

“What is the red thread runs through the whole idea of the blockchain through bitcoin? Why, after we observed some fluctuations in prices, people have still the question arises, how is it that uscas bitcoin successful, but many other projects do not stand the test of time? I would like to tell you about the ideological component [of bitcoin] and that the total of all those guys who since the 90-ies gathered in the movement Shirobokov, and which a red thread passes through all the development” — prefaced his speech Vitaly.

Continuing the theme of appearance made bitcoin blockchain developer and CTO MultisigLab Nikolay baylo, who spoke about how the idea of bitcoin was embodied in the technology:

“It is noteworthy that from the beginning of the cryptographers who saw the message Satoshi Nakamoto, didn’t offer them a solution to something revolutionary, which is not surprising for people of their profession”, — said Nikolai.

In his presentation he introduced the audience to the work of the blockchain the bitcoin what is a transaction, why do we need the signature and the algorithm of proof of work done (Proof-Of-Work).

Earlier it was reported that “the Blockchain Association of Ukraine” has launched a school for developers of cryptocurrency. The course is divided into two parts: the first Way Satoshi is dedicated to the “classic” bitcoin blockchain and the basics of the technology of the distributed registry, the second PoSt-Satoshi Era — a whole range of technologies and trends that appeared after bitcoin.

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