The message that the government of Iran recognized independent mining industry, the decline of the national currency led to a boom in cryptocurrency market: the price of bitcoin at the local cryptomeria less than a day rose by almost 7% to us $25,5-26 thousand per unit. Thus, over the past three weeks the bitcoin has increased in Iran by more than 40%.

1 BTC = 100,000,000 Toman = 1 Billion Rial #Bitcoin #ToTheMoon #ATH

— EXIR (@EXIR_Official) September 4, 2018

Recall that in Iran on behalf of the President of the country Hassan Rouhani (Hassan Rouhani) also prepared a draft document on the issue of national cryptocurrencies, but the country’s Central Bank in September will present its position regarding the status of the cryptocurrency. It is assumed that the cryptocurrency will be the solution that will help the country to avoid new US sanctions. However, the Iranians removed from the country through the purchase of cryptocurrency billions of dollars when you do not have the ability to send funds abroad in the traditional way through the international banking system.