In India, after a complaint filed by 50 investors, was arrested two organizers of this fraudulent scheme to create fake cryptocurrency Ripple Future. The eponymous company Gaurava of Aneja (Gaurav Aneja) of Sahibabad and Nelson Lobo (Lobo Nelson) from Mumbai was able to attract nearly 1,800 300 million Indian rupees (about us $4.4 million).

The scammers tried to convince investors that they are acting on behalf of the American company and will be able to provide on their investment yield of 300% for 250 days or shorter plans with daily and weekly payouts. The victims went to the police, when the company did not fulfill its obligations. Law enforcement agencies seized from the arrested persons database and brought against them charges of fraud and deliberate introduction of confusion.

Recall that a month ago, the Party of the Indian national Congress (INC) has accused the ruling party, the Bharatiya Janta (BJP) in a major fraud with bitcoin, saying that he laundered money through cryptocurrency in Gujarat.And in the spring in new Delhi arrested the Creator of the cloud-based platform for trading bitcoins & mining GainBitcoin bharadvaja Amit (Amit Bhardwaj), who was accused of involvement in the financial pyramid 8000 investors, which led to overall losses for 2000 rupees ($300 million).