The developers of the crypto Samourai Wallet reported that at the request of the representatives of the Google Play app store has temporarily disabled users version 0.99.04 the opportunity to work in hidden mode (Stealth Mode), use remote SMS commands (Remote Commands SMS) in case of loss of phone and protection from SIM-swap (SIM Switch Defense) to maintain control over mobile device when you attack SIM swopera.

They explained that they were forced to exclude from the updates of these tools which has made the unique offer of the project in 2015, under the threat of removal from the application site in accordance with its new and more strict rules.

The developers stated that protection from SIM-swap repeatedly saved users of crypto, but in the Google company refused a request to keep this and other useful functions at least as an exception.

Those who decide to upgrade to version 0.99.04, the developers recommended that you manually disable quiet mode, or contact the support if after the upgrade they will have difficulty with access crypto. They also promised in the near future to put a full version on its website and in the app store F-Droid.

We will remind that 21-the summer inhabitant of Manhattan and the Harvard student Nicholas Trulia (Nicholas Truglia) using the SIM swap hacked the phones of several leaders from the Silicon valley, and one of them stole $1 million And 19-year-old Xavier Clement Narvaez (Narvaez Xzavyer Clemente) through such fraud has received over $1 million and acquired these funds McLaren last year, Audi R8 2012 and other luxury items. Both the burglar was arrested.