In Google Play found an application called Ethereum that uses the logo of the eponymous blockchain network, is 335 euros and offers users to gain 1 Ether. Victims of scammers hiding behind a company called Google Commerce Ltd., at the moment, was at least 100 people.

Buying Ethereum app is not the same as buying #Ethereum.
Scam app for €335 only displays the ETH logo.

— Lukas Stefanko (@LukasStefanko) August 21, 2018

Recall that in the autumn of last year in Google Play detected a fake app crypto currency exchange Poloniex, with the official Android client of the company at that time was not. App Poloniex was in the store about three weeks, and was downloaded 5000 times before it is removed. And the application Polonies Exchange was available a few days and got 500 downloads, and then was removed.

Last year, fake crypto MyEtherWallet, which at a price of $4.99 for a week among the three leaders in the category “Finance” in the App Store before it was deleted from the site managed to download about 3 thousand users.