Users built-in mobile browser Opera wallet for Ethereum will now be able to send collection assets of standard ERC-721, including CryptoKitties. This was reported in the company blog.

“Since a significant part of our lives moves online, we believe that the collectibles should not be an exception”, — shared his thoughts of the developers of the popular browser.

In Opera believe that the development of the segment of scriptcollection only beginning to gain momentum, technical development has gradually improved and become more accessible to the average user.

Also in his blog, the developers said that you can see for neoprenovykh token another huskeys, namely, to “unlock the access to online content or a specific digital services.”

The emergence of cryptocurrency collectibles such as CryptoKitties became possible thanks to Ethereum-standard neoprenovykh tokens ERC-721. The latter implies that tokens can have unique attributes. For example, if one bitcoin can replace the other, the digital object standard ERC-721 — no.

We will remind, Ethereum-wallet for Android from the developers of the Opera was presented in July. Soon this wallet has been integrated with the desktop version of the popular browser.

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