Today, February 28, on the block #7280000 update took place Constantinople second in terms of capitalization of Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Network upgrade completed.. so far so good 😀

— (@etherscan) 28 fierce 2019 R.

According EtherNodes, 19.9% of the total number of customers Geth are using the new version of the software. Also compatible with the Constantinople version of the software installed 32.6% of customers Parity. General readiness for the hard forks was 22.1%. As reported Trustnodes, the update of the Protocol went smoothly, no surprises.

Simultaneously with Constantinople in Ethereum activated hardwork Petersburg. His task is to disable the Protocol EIP-1283, in which was revealed the problems with the vulnerability of type Reentrancy. Because of them, and was repealed upgrade in January.

The daily volume of the issue will now be on the 13400 level ETH, the time of production of one unit would be 14 seconds, and the reward for him will be reduced from 3 to 2 ETH (EIP 1234). Inflation Ethereum will be about 4%.

Constantinople — the second stage hard forks Metropolis (first — Byzantium, reduce the reward per block from 5 to 3 ETH). Among other changes in Ethereum it is possible to note:

— 145 EIP — improving the efficiency and speed of the blockchain by adding switching mechanism Bitwise to the Ethereum virtual machine;
— EIP 1052 — improving the usability of the network for the development of smart contracts and the simplification of certain operations in Ethereum code.

Among other things, the update optimizes the use of gas in the network and creates the conditions for activation of the Casper Protocol, which translates Ethereum on the hybrid consensus algorithm PoW/PoS.

Note that the activation of Constantinople was to take place in the autumn of last year, but before every update of the Protocol, developers have found various bugs. Final activation date was agreed on 18 January.